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Meet Our Curmudgeon-terns

Hello!  My name is Jay Chae, and I’ve recently joined the team at Curmudgeon Group, along with my fellow intern Lourdes Rodgers.  We are super excited to work on a range of projects, from the upcoming production of Fantasmagorie to new client campaigns, and to soak up as much as we can from the months ahead.  To get started, we’ve decided to enlighten you with a simple introduction.  Enjoy! 

Hello!  My name is Lourdes Rodgers, and I am a student at the University of Illinois Chicago.  I am a Chicago native, but I like to travel and meet new people.  My latest venture was to Canada, where I finally discovered the magic of a crispy crush (the chocolate love child of a reeses peanut butter cup and a kit-kat).  I am excited to start my internship at Curmudgeon Group this summer – working to help produce Fantasmagorie is such a unique experience and I look forward to absorbing anything and everything I can.  I love the idea of creating something from nothing – whether it’s sauce from leftover takeout condiments or a character for the story you’ve been working on since people used typewriters.  

I also enjoy reading – armed with my library card and glasses, I can spend hours at the library.  I don’t have a favorite author or genre, but I am fond of the following quote:

vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others

— jonathan swift

Hello everyone, it’s Jay again!  I’m originally from Seoul, Korea, and I am very excited to work with Curmudgeon Group this summer.  Although I am Korean, I was born in Japan and spent 10 years in Malaysia before graduating high school to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Looking ahead to my last summer break before graduation, my goal was to secure an internship that would provide a unique experience and the tools for post-graduate life, in addition to clear insight as to what I hope to pursue in my career.  This is when Curmudgeon Group caught my attention.  Being a part of Fantasmagorie and helping to produce a project with the potential to change people’s lives not only gives me a chance to be a part of something great, but also enhances my project management and communication skills.  

One of my many interests is sports – basketball in particular.  Although I wasn’t drafted by the NBA (sigh), I’ve had a strong passion for the sport since I was a kid, and have tried to imitate almost every player in the NBA on the court.  I am excited to bring my skills to the table in any way I can.  With an open minded approach, I am excited to capture all the benefits of this fantastic opportunity! 

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