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Why Measurements Matter: Spring Creative Metrics Panel

if you’ve ever funded, collaborated on, or produced a project of any kind, you’ve probably come to grips with the fact that measurements matter.  one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced this past year was how to measure the impact of our campaigns, focusing on the value of the arts in crafting a disruptive brand story for our clients.

as i shared this concern with others, i realized i wasn’t the only one faced with this question.  priya shah, founder of the simple good, along with heidi breeze-harris, founder of one by one, shared their frustrations over crafting metrics in areas ranging from art education to global health.  our solution?  to create a public and transparent forum where we could collectively address the roadblocks and craft new platforms for metrics where art, human-centered design, health, and social impact production are in play.

who participated?

we brought together professionals who could each speak to the challenges of evaluating the impact of their work through human behavior, perception, and the value of art and social change.  Meggie cramer and elizabeth stanton brought their insight as experienced filmmakers, producers, and social advocates, while jenny carney of yr&g sustainability spoke candidly about the role of metrics in ecology, planning, and human-centered design.  lee gallagher of arts & analytics discussed the critical need for companies and non-profits to craft transparent metrics that help investors, board members, and donors understand the long-term value of the arts within their community.

nearly 70 people attended the spring panel, from professionals that ranged from consulting, marketing, sustainability, policy and law, to performance and visual arts, filmmakers, architects and urban planners, advertising, creative directors, arts educators, developers, and non-profit leaders.  

jenny carneyprincipal at yr&g sustainability

meggie cramerassociate director at kindling group

elizabeth stantonjournalist & producer, through her eyes project

lee gallagherexecutive director at arts & analytics

this august, become a part of the solution

while our first panel sought to uncover the challenges involved in measuring impact, our second segment in this series asks participants to work collaboratively on sample campaigns, creating on the spot solutions and platforms for tracking and proving the range of impact behind social and creative work.

what:  an interactive night of drinks, speed round speakers, and break out working groups, where you, the audience, become a part of the solution.

when:  august 11th, 6:30 – 9:00pm

where:  google chicago, river north offices

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