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Josie Davis

Josie Davis Headshot
Josie Davis Headshot
Josie Davis Headshot Illustration
Josie Davis HeadshotJosie Davis Headshot Illustration

Josie is an executive producer and strategist who is most passionate about helping purpose-driven companies hone, execute, and bring their brand stories to life.  She is driven by the exciting seeds of ideation that spur long but rewarding days of production in the field.  Josie is a dedicated conservationist and conceptual artist, known for producing work in a breadth of media including performance, public art, dance, music, and design. She is an experienced globe-trotter, having lived and worked throughout the US and overseas.

Greatest Hits

  • Joining the World Wildlife Fund as a member of the National Council
  • Serving as a Board Member to Kindling Group, a Chicago documentary media studio
  • Building an amazing team that I’m proud to be working with each and every day!

Personal Notes

What makes me grumpy
shopping, raisins in food, people who play music too loud on their headphones in public.
What am I particular about
doing the crossword in pen.
What always makes me laugh
a super cheesy joke, especially ones about farmers and lost tractors.
I am known to indulge in
afternoon naps, travel to faraway places.

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