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WGA Strikes ‘Exceptional’ Deal With AMPTP

(Image cred: DALL-E 2, WGA, Maci Mallaia/Procreate) TV fiends, film buffs and creatives, lend me your ears. Thanks to five consecutive days of epic cooperation between two protagonists in media production, our economy and thirst for entertainment are no longer…

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Our Favorite Pride Campaigns 2023

Allied Brand Messaging: Campaign Ad Examples Against Shame To avoid your brand’s “Bud Light moment” as you produce a Pride social media campaign or collection of LGBTQ print ads, you can accept the challenge of nonprofit LGBT advertising company and…

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Ad Censorship: Pros, Cons, & Creative Prose 

From cannabis to breasts and vag— er, private parts —online ad policies are putting a strain on advertisers’ word-spreading prowess. Calling for a careful tiptoe around pertinent pictures and descriptors, successfully advertising on the web for what are often *critical*…

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