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January Workshop: Ecology Changes Everything

To kick off the New Year, we’ve partnered with sustainability consulting firm YR&G to take a close look at how ecology shapes our approach to creative and business strategy.  This half day workshop, Ecology Changes Everything, is scheduled for Friday, March 11, and welcomes both individual and group registration.  

Over the course of an afternoon, participants will work collaboratively on the problem solving of creative and business strategies while moving between two vastly different environmental conditions.  The day will break into indoor and outdoor interactive sessions, moving between a business office setting and outdoors at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.  

We will consider how exposure to juxtaposing ecologies, our natural environment, and daily culture influences collaboration and shapes the way we solve problems in the workplace.  Participants will work in groups on strategic, creative, and quasi-scientific problem solving throughout the day; with multiple opportunities to pitch challenges and refine solutions.

Participants will be encouraged to adopt strategic foresight, take creative risks, bring new perspectives to the table, and envision results.  

Individual and group registrations welcome!  

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