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Branding Disabilities: Going Mainstream

Disability, like multiculturalism, is finally making inroads in the advertising world as more and more national brands recognize the power (and compassion) of inclusiveness and its money-making potential. One in 5 people in the US have a disability, according to the 2010 census, while slightly more than one-quarter of today’s 20-year-olds will become disabled before they retire.
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Microhabits Lead to Big Discussions and Brand Wins at Cannes Health

The art of self-improvement: eating better, breathing your way to zen, gamifying exercise from your living room to hotel room. This was just the tip of the iceberg this year at Cannes Health, where brands and marketing leaders leaned into small but influential lifestyle changes, learning how to better make use of behavioral science to help consumers achieve their ultimate wellness goals.
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Vertical Video: From Blip to Buzzword

Many of us don’t flip our phones or other digital devices sideways when we record a video or watch a movie, never mind the small picture and awkward framing.  It’s a hassle, right? Now we don’t have to. Welcome to the vertical video revolution.  With remarkable speed, the video technology - which has a 9:16 aspect ratio - is replacing the traditional 16:9 landscape and 1:1 square formats.  It’s taller and narrower, addressing our mobile-centric entertainment habits and the fact that we hold our devices vertically 94% of the time.
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Emotional Branding and The Power of Feelings

Like a romantic suitor who gives you butterflies, emotional branding is all about stirring feelings that create positive mental representations, visceral connections, and consistent loyalty to a brand over time. The best emotional branding strategy works from the perspective of the consumer, who wants to be known, inspired, awakened, and helped.
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Worldwide Fistula Fund 4th Annual Fundraiser: Restoring Dignity for Women and Girls

Join us on May 2nd for the 4th Annual Fundraiser 4th Annual Fundraiser by our client, Worldwide Fistula Fund. We are excited to support and celebrate the expansive efforts by WFF to restore the health and dignity of women and girls suffering from devastating childbirth injuries across sub-saharan Africa. After working with WFF since the fall of 2018, we are excited to serve as a promotional sponsor for their spring fundraising event - and hope to see you there!
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