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The Six-Second Ad: Here To Stay Or Gone In The Blink Of An Eye?

Last year YouTube unveiled the 6-second mobile ad, described by YouTube as “little haikus of video ads.”  Shortening attention spans, the consumption of media on handheld devices, and an expectation for content-on-demand has brought us here.  While brevity points to the future of advertising, it’s fair to ask whether six seconds is enough time for truly meaningful content, or just enough time for entertaining content.  It seems that more and more, media companies are betting on both, or at least the probability that advertisers and consumers will see it that way.

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The Obama Presidential Library: Changing Space, Inspiring People

In 2008, change was the guiding principle behind President Barack Obama’s run for office.  Today, nearly a decade later, change is what the Obama Presidential Library and museum team is aiming for as they move forward on their plans to construct the Obama Presidential Center, scheduled to open in 2021.  The Center - which includes a library, museum, rooftop garden, community plaza, and speaking forum - has the chance to serve its community in ways that are distinct from past Libraries, just as President Obama himself is unique among his predecessors.  

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Impact Production: Creating What Matters

What do the best brands, artists, athletes - even politicians - have in common?  They’ve nailed down the art of leaving an impact, a mark, long after you’ve had just a small taste of what they’re about.  What is the secret to making sure the impact you’re after is the impact people feel?  It starts by developing an emotional connection with your work in a way that directly engages your audience.

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