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all i wanna do is dance

The incredible choreography that you see in Fantasmagorie is not possible without help from the following creative minds and spaces here in Chicago.  

Artistic Director and Choreographer Jessica Deahr of Chicago Dance Crash brings the wildlife seen in the film to live in a whole new way – through 40 minutes of dance.  Imagine 15 bodies jumping over one another like squirrel monkeys, or a stage of break dancing sea stars. For the past week, our dancers have worked for 8 hours each day to pick up this unique choreography, perfecting every move, before moving to the water for a week of dress rehearsals on Monday.  

Hard to picture yourself learning 40 minutes of choreography in one week?  Try adding in another show.  Just last weekend, members of Chicago Dance Crash ended their 8 hour day with a rockstyle performance of “Evil & Good” at the Vittum Theater. No rest for the weary!

Of course, no performance – theater, dance, or other – comes together without the perfect rehearsal venue.  Visceral Dance Company is a contemporary dance studio dedicated to a bold and progressive world of movement.  Their beautiful studios, located in Logan Square, served as the perfect home for the hours we needed to set choreography before we hit the ground running last week at C5 Creative Space.  

As you may have realized by now, Fantasmagorie is not your every day production.  Requiring nearly 40’ x 30’ of marley flooring with space to project a film and a full PA system, C5 Creative Space was the perfect fit for our needs.  Looking for a spot to perform or rehearse your upcoming acrobatic, dance, theater, or performance work?  C5 may be just what you need.  

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