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pond5 : expanding creative possibilities

In need of royalty-free footage, music, images or sound effects? Pond5 has you covered! as home to the world’s largest collection of stock footage, Pond5 is committed to fueling creativity by empowering media makers.  Pond5 distributes stock imagery, music, and video footage by media makers from around the world on a range of topics and themes, opening up an “ever-expanding world of creative possibilities for artists everywhere.”  

Pond5 was instrumental in the our production of Fantasmagorie, working with us as a Platinum Sponsor to donate stock HD video footage of the Coral Reefs and the Amazon.  The quality – and quantity – of footage offered by Pond5 and their contributing artists helped us to depict a wide range of species, from the Amazonian Tapir to the Banded Sea Krait, Spotted Jellyfish and Harpy Eagle.  

Fantasmagorie would not be possible without help from our Sponsors.  Generous companies like Pond5, with a passion for creativity and providing instant access to media content, bring Fantasmagorie to life for audiences across the Midwest and help make a favorable and lasting impact on the future of the Amazon Rainforest.  

Check out a sample of high-definition video footage from Pond5 by watching the Fantasmagorie trailer, or plan your visit to the live show, opening July 22 at Humboldt Park Lagoon in Chicago.  

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